Thursday, July 13, 2017

While Cleaning my gutters I Saw…..

While Cleaning my gutters I Saw…..
I self-admittedly dislike cleaning rain gutters, but we still had not installed Gutter Topper on our personal garage until recently.  Our barn and entire house has our gutter system including Gutter Topper, except our garage.  Why?  because I could reach them with a 6-foot ladder and it provided me with some exercise…right?
Let me provide a little history.  Back in year 2000 we discovered Gutter Topper as a solution to protecting gutter systems and decided to test it on our barn.  With heavy snow loads in New Hampshire and Vermont, we quickly realized Gutter Topper created a year-round maintenance free gutter system surviving our New England winters.  We have since carried Gutter Topper installing over 20 miles of it since becoming a certified trained installation dealer in 2000 serving Central and Southern NH and VT.   Our brother in law, Bill Worth and wife Joanne, (Worth’s Seamless Rain Gutters Inc) in Derby Vermont carries it too!

But despite all of the above and co-owning a rain gutter business with my husband for the past 20 years while living in New London NH, I had still cleaned out our garage gutters until……I had a visitor stop in while I was cleaning my gutters.  He entered our chicken coop which is attached to our garage.  I nearly fell off my ladder!  Mr. Bear quietly peeled the chicken wire off the 2x4 to make his way into our coop.  As I stood on my 6-foot step ladder, Mr. Bear sat, scratched his head and searched for a fine feathered mid-afternoon snack.  I didn’t know what to do!  So, I did the only thing I could, I took my iPhone out of my arm band and snapped a few pictures.  I quietly climbed off the ladder and ran into my house.   Safely inside watching Mr. Bear from my window.


Since then Gutter Topper has been installed on my garage, leaving me with more interesting, safer things to do, like practice and study my ChiRunning and ChiWalking, exercise, cook, clean my house, go fishing, spending time with family and friends, travel and work on my blogging.  Anything but clean gutters!

So what does Gutter Topper do? 
·      It handles 21 inches of rainfall per hour.
·      Withstands a load of 300 pounds per lineal foot, surviving New England Winters.
·      Withstands sustained winds of 100 mph.
·      Keeps me (and you) off the ladder while enjoying life safely.

Some of the other Gutter Topper Benefits are:

·      Every installation is custom fit to your roof, this is not a one size fits all system.
·      Stanchion system is continuous across the front which provides support for heavy snow and ice loads and prevents wind lift or vibration and eliminates bird nesting.  And to view more, please see the link below.

·      Eliminate thinking about your gutter system;  Year Round.
  So what happened to Mr. Bear?  
He found no mid-afternoon snack and decided to go to the neighbors.

Written by Lynn Petry, co-owner of Damian Petry Gutter Solutions LLC, who enjoys, walking, running, cooking, playing with friends and family, staying off ladders and not cleaning gutters.
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Protect Your Home with the assistance of a seasoned local gutter company. Over 20 years and 10,000 installations proven to survive New England Winters.

When you spend your resources preserving your home’s exterior, it can become a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to go for trusted information and experience.  Testimonials, referrals and references of a company who have a long history of standing by their work in the rain gutter industry and honour the warranty of their work will be your best resource.  By hiring the services of an experienced, trusted professional gutter company, that has the expertise of 20 years and over 10,000 installations that survive New England weather time and again, it’s no wonder “Damian Petry Gutter Solutions LLC” comes to mind.
2-yr old Fallen Gutter System installed by competitor 
For those living in Central and Southern New Hampshire and Upper Valley Regions of Vermont, homeowners, builders, contractors and property management firms can be assured they are meeting with Damian Petry personally.  Damian will listen to your concerns and review onsite your homes ‘rain gutter needs.  With Damian’s extensive background working in Construction Management for 12 years before opening his own rain gutter company in 1997, he will recommend the most suitable gutter solution for your home while addressing any possible drainage issues or structural concerns you may have.  We guarantee our rain gutter systems and our workmanship, resulting in your owning an effective, properly installed, long-term functioning gutter and gutter protection system for the life of your home.  Even if you don’t reside in New Hampshire or Vermont, it is crucial you hire a seasoned professional who possesses the knowledge and experience that Damian Petry Gutter Solutions has, to ensure your home is protected year-round despite what mother nature gives us.
The photo attached of the fallen gutter, is a 2-year-old gutter system that was installed by another company.  Unfortunately for the homeowner, the fallen gutter system was sold to them with a warranty that it would not fail; regrettably the warranty was not honoured, nor did the original company return the calls from the homeowner when the gutter fell after the 2nd winter.  All too often we are going on sites with scenarios such as this.
Attention to detail (after)
Damian was asked to come in and provide an assessment.  Damian’s review found that the application and materials used that were not conducive to snow load factors within this region.  In addition, the fallen system had been improperly installed for the type of roofing system, resulting in the system failing after last year’s winter.    
The completed photos are of Damian Petry Gutter Solutions workmanship.  We completed a custom fascia buildout that was designed for the type of structure and roofing, and then installed a maintenance free gutter system which carries a lifetime performance warranty.  Why does Damian Petry carry such a warranty?  Living in a region with high snow loads, Damian continually researches for the best products and application methods testing them on his barn.  These tests have proven to him personally the products and methods of installation withstand our New England weather and ultimately on our customers’ homes and businesses too.

Areas we service are Woodstock, Quechee, Norwich, Vermont regions, along with Hanover, Lyme, Lebanon, Grantham, Enfield, New London, Newbury, Sunapee, Concord, Bow, Bedford, New Boston, Amherst, New Hampshire areas, along with all towns in between.  Areas not mentioned are serviced upon request.

For further information, please call Damian Petry Gutter Solutions LLC, 603-526-7246 for Upper Valley, Lake Sunapee-Dartmouth Regions, or 603-223-9985 for Concord, Capital City and Queen City Regions, or visit our website at: